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R&D Activities in Euphonic Technologies, Inc.


With the technological evolution in ubiquitous computing and other system devices, the role of graphical user interface to improve convenience and user-friendliness is getting significantly important. On the basis of experience in graphic LSI and related system boards development, Euphonic Technologies, Inc. is promoting R&D activities for digital imaging products.

Design technology for graphic controller LSIs

With the progress of semiconductor process technology, the application area of system LSI is continuously expanding in various forms such as ASIC, ASSP and FPGA. In addition to providing our original graphic controller LSI, we have been creating an environment to promote the design infrastructure for system LSIs. The environment including basic bus architecture and function blocks such as programmable graphic drawing engine, display controller and high speed interface will strongly support customer's design projects.

Real-time ray tracing technology

Although ray tracing demonstrates superior performance for generating high grade images, it has been considered to be inadequate for real-time processing because of its high calculation cost. However the latest LSI technology raises the possibility that parallel processing circuits for real-time ray tracing will be integrated on a chip. Euphonic Technologies, Inc. has been researching on parallel real-time ray tracing engine and integration with our graphic LSI platform.

Ubiquitous medical terminal

Ubiquitous medical terminal makes it possible to refer various information in real-time and with high security level that is used anywhere in a hospital. Euphonic Technologies, Inc. has been conducting the research and development activities on this new type of information terminal by the fusion of high precision imaging, high speed wireless communication technology and virtualization technology. 

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