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Dedign Service

Design services for the success of our customers

Euphonic Technologies, Inc. offers services to help the design process of our customers. Hi-end CPU servers and industrial standard EDA tools provide an efficient design environment. In order to meet the request for hi-speed design including PCI-Express, hi-speed memory, LVDS, etc., measurement instruments are also available.

  • Large scale logic circuit design
    - Logic simulation(VCS、MAX)
    - Logic synthesis(DC Ultra、DesignWare)
    - Self-owned EDA tools
    - Linux machines (Suse 10.0 OS, 12GB memory) x 3 for large designs
    - Configuration control to support multi projects
  • PCI-Express connection test
    - PCI-Express analyzer (Agilent)
    - Switching test system (PLX)
    - PCI-SIG member
  • Hi-speed digital board design and preproduction
    - Many cases of experience in PCI-Express, DDR2, LVDS etc.
    - Component procurement service for prototype boards

※ Please send E-mail to et-sales@euphonic-tech.com for more information

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